OEM Service

1. Introduction:

Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of pasteurized milk and yogurt in Vietnam and the region. With over 21 years of operation in the field of manufacturing, and processing pasteurized milk and yogurt, Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam has gradually built a solid infrastructure and a team of experienced experts. A deep understanding of the production process and high-quality standards has helped Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam gain trust from many large, reputable domestic and international partners such as Fonterra Group, Coca-Cola Group, TH Dairy Joint Stock Company, International Dairy Joint Stock Company (IDP), Vitadairy Joint Stock Company, AB Foods Thailand Company, etc.

2. Factory:

Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam factory is operated and controlled according to international standards including FSSC 22000, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 4500:2018, ISO 9001:2015 and uses international standard technology and equipment with synchronous, advanced production lines supplied by TETRA PAK – Sweden, the world’s leading corporation in providing packaging, packaging solutions, and liquid food processing; Smart warehouse system uses WAMAS software from SSI SCHAEFER – Germany, the world’s leading Logistics system solution provider, etc.

3. Processing Service

Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam provides comprehensive, flexible solutions for processing services to meet the diverse needs and requirements of customers in OEM, ODM, Copack services. Our range of services includes R&D, Packaging design consulting, Manufacturing, Packaging, Supply chain, chilled storage, conventional warehouses…

4. Product Portfolio:

Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam’s processing product portfolio includes UHT liquid milks such as nutritional milk, drinking yogurt, nut milk; non-carbonated beverages, supplement drinks such as electrolyte water, collagen water, etc.; Different types of yogurt including sweetened, low-sugar, unsweetened yogurt, flavor yogurt, yogurt with fruits pieces, etc.

5. Packaging:

For UHT milk, Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam uses environment-friendly 6-layer paper packaging provided by the world’s leading liquid food packaging solution supplier Tetra Pak with a variety of sizes and shapes including TBA125 Slim Leaf, TBA200 Slim Leaf, TPA200 Edge, and TPA 250 Edge that are suitable for packaging products such as UHT milk and other sterilized beverages and liquid foods in the product portfolio.
For spoonable yogurt, the packaging is purchased domestically from reputable suppliers that have quality and food safety control systems. Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam also provides flexibility in packing size of spoonable yogurt of 70gr and 100gr. These are popular and convenient sizes for personal consumption, bringing a simple and convenient usage experience to customers.

6. Committed to the environment:

Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam understands that protecting the environment is not only Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam’s responsibility but also a global community mission. We are committed to implementing environmental protection measures including production processes and developing a sustainable supply chain using modern technology with environment-friendly raw materials and packaging. Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam factory has been actively promoting the use of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse emissions including 100% steam power from Biomass used in operations and is continuing to expand to use solar power to supplement and gradually replace the conventional grid electricity usage.