Message from General Director

In 2021, Elovi Vietnam JSC. became a member of Morinaga Milk Industry Group, signifying a new beginning for our business.

From 25th March 2024, the company name has been officially changed from Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam Joint Stock Company to Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Morinaga Milk Industry Group was founded more than 100 years ago – in 1917 – in Japan as a Dairy Products Manufacturer.

We have developed, produced, and marketed many high quality, safe, delicious, nutritious, and health products such as milk, beverages, yogurt, ice-cream, butter, cheese, grow-up milk, health supplements, etc.

Our corporation strives to continue to develop our business through products and services for all consumers: from newborns to seniors, with the purpose of bringing better Wellness and Happiness to our consumers. At the same time, we are lucky to receive many supports from consumers.

Morinaga Milk Industry Group’s slogan is “For Ever Brighter Smiles”. With our effort to deliver products and services that are both “delicious” and “healthy”, Morinaga Milk hopes to bring more smiles to our consumers, which in turn will make our lives better.

We want to combine the trust and achievements that Morinaga Nutritional Foods has built in Vietnam, with the technology that Morinaga Milk Industry Group has polished in Japan in the past 100 years to bring even more “Brighter Smiles” to Vietnam. With that in mind, we have selected “FOR BETTER WELLNESS” as Morinaga Nutritional Foods’s new slogan.

With this new slogan and promise, Morinaga Nutritional Foods’s objective is to become a pioneering company in contributing to health & nutrition by providing high quality, delicious products; and continuing to build a wellness community for more and more people.

Please follow the development of Morinaga Nutritional Foods Vietnam JSC! We are deeply grateful for your support and understanding.

Thank you very much!