Morinaga Milk Group exhibits Dairy Cafe pavilion at KidZania Hanoi

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. under its corporate slogan “For Ever Brighter Smiles”, exhibits its Dairy Cafe pavilion at KidZania Hanoi where Vietnamese children can experience making their own original yogurt.

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., has exhibited its Dairy Cafe pavilion in KidZania Hanoi as an official sponsor. The pavilion offers children the opportunity to experience real-life work and social situations. KidZania Hanoi is scheduled to open in Vietnam on October 27, 2023.

Under the corporate slogan “For Ever Brighter Smiles,” the Morinaga Milk Group is dedicated to encouraging both the healthy growth of children, who will be the leaders the next generation, and to actively contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society.

Vietnam, the location of KidZania Hanoi, is one of the countries where the Morinaga Milk Group is focusing its global business endeavors. Vietnam is significant as the site of our Group’s production and sales bases in Asia. The Group has made the decision to participate in this exhibition with the aim of promoting health and nutrition while fostering “For Ever Brighter Smiles” among the local community. This marks the first step in participation in a KidZania venture outside Japan, following the Group’s involvement in KidZania Tokyo, KidZania Koshien, and KidZania Fukuoka, Japan.

At the Dairy Cafe pavilion, children will step into the roles of “Yogurt Experts,” where they will create nutritious and delicious recipes using Morinaga Milk’s brand of yogurt, which is produced and distributed in Vietnam. Based on the century-long expertise and knowledge accumulated by Morinaga Milk in Japan, the children can enjoy creating their own unique yogurt, while learning about the health benefits of yogurt and creating their own choice of toppings.

By providing a firsthand experience at the Dairy Cafe pavilion, the goal is to enhance children’s comprehension of dairy products and inspire their interest in maintaining good health. This will be achieved through the process of creating delicious products while having fun.

◆ Exhibition Location KidZania Hanoi
◆ Pavilion Name Dairy Cafe
◆ Activity Name Yogurt Expert
◆ Experience time /number of people 25 minutes / up to 8 children
  • About KidZania Hanoi

    KidZania Hanoi is a theme park where children can experience the world of work careers. Based on the concept of “edutainment,” which combines the words “education” and “entertainment,” KidZania is place where children can challenge themselves with their favorite work experiences and gain insights into the functioning of society while having fun. There are 27 KidZania theme parks in 18 countries around the world, with more than 100 million visitors every year (as of October, 2023). KidZania Hanoi is the first facility in Vietnam.

Facility name: KidZania Hanoi
Representative: KWAK JINUK
Location:  272 Vo Chi Cong Street, Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam Lotte Mall Hanoi 5F
Access: Approximately 30 minutes by car from Noi Bai International Airport (In downtown Hanoi)
Facility size: Approx. 5,300 m2
Number of pavilions: 43
Target age range: 4-15 years old
Opening date: October 27th, 2023
  • Relationship between the Morinaga Milk Group and Vietnam

In 2010, Morinaga Milk started exporting formula milk to Vietnam through Le May Production, Trading and Service Company Limited (Le May), a local distributor in Vietnam.

In June 2021, Elovi Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Elovi) became a wholly owned subsidiary to strengthen sales in the Vietnamese market. In November 2022, Elovi began local production and sales of Morinaga Milk brand products.

In 2023, Morinaga Milk established a joint venture company with Le May, Ltd. and signed a share transfer/underwriting agreement and a shareholder agreement with the aim of making Morinaga Le May Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Morinaga Le May) a subsidiary.

In May 2023, Morinaga Milk and World Vision Japan, an international NGO, launched Smiles & Health for Children a program called to provide meals to kindergarten children in Vietnam as a part of the Tuan Giao Area Development Program, in the Tuan Giao District of Dien Bien Province in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

  • About Morinaga Milk Industry Co.Ltd.,
Head Office:  5-33-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoichi Ohnuki, President and Representative Director Established: April 13, 1949
Business: Production and sales of milk, dairy products, ice cream, beverages, and other food products